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A better understanding of the music

will make you enjoy your dance even more

TANGOLAB offers musicality workshops for dancers where we focus on how a deeper understanding on the music can not only enrich but also facilitate the dance. We do not necessarily dance during the workshop. We focus on moving the body with the music without worrying about the steps and the relation with the partner. This our way to zoom in on something very specific and plant some need seeds in the dancer, which afterwards will change the perception of the music and open up new doors in the following work with the tango. We also give the participants tools to listen to tango, to recognise different styles of tango and hereby be a more attentive listener and enjoy more of this amazing music. 


The workshop can also be enjoyed by people who do not dance tango but are interested in the music.


Beginners can participate.


The workshop can be done in Spanish, English, Italian and Danish.

"I've had the great pleasure to participate in one of the workshops in musicality given by Sexteto Andiamo. A very good experience which I recommend to anyone who wishes to understand the tango better and to become a better dancer. It fits perfectly to all kind of tango organizations and associations and for festivals/marathons - and could properly go way further than the tango environment and into the musical learning environment more in general." Jane Abigail Rosengren, Denmark

Stine is also one of the coordinators of TANGO ENCOUNTERS IN BUENOS AIRES. It consists of two intensive weeks in Buenos Aires with a lot of dance, music, yoga and South American atmosphere.

Stine is your cultural and musical guide.

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