Buenos Aires

Luigi Coviello

Luigi comes from Italy and was playing jazz, when he went on a tourist trip to Argentina. In Buenos Aires he heard some big tango orchestras which made him change his plans completely.

He moved to the city to get a profound experience with the tango in 2007. He has studied double bass with Juan Pablo Navarro and tango arrangement and composition with Julián Peralta.

Today he directs, arranges and composes in the two groups Orquesta Típica Andariega and Sexteto Andiamo. Beside of his musical background Luigi also has an university degree in Philosophy. 

Stine Engen

Stine from Denmark came to Buenos Aires in 2009 after some earlier trips where she got very fascinated about the tango, especially the bandoneon, which she started playing. The bandoneon is a special tango accordion which is almost only used in the tango. 

She has studied bandoneon with great maestros of the tango among these Carlos Corales and Juan José Mosalini and arrangements and composition with Julián Peralta.

Today she plays in the two groups Orquesta Típica Andariega and Sexteto Andiamo and codirects in Sexteto Andiamo.

She also has a university background from Copenhagen, where she studied Anthropology and Modern Culture and Communication.

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